Colorado Regional Updates!

We are well underway here at Chaos Games and More in Pueblo, Colorado! 77 Warriors are battling for two invites to the 2016 World Championships, and working on those Super Elite Points as well!


Here is a MP and Mastery List, as the day progresses you can get some player records as well!

Saiyan Rampaging Mastery 2 (Broly, Goku)
Saiyan Empowered Mastery 12 (9 Broly, 2 Raditz, 1 Trunks)
Red Enraged Mastery 15 (3 Android 13,2 Broly, 7 Cooler, 1 Garlic Jr., 1 Master Roshi, 1 Raditz)
Red Ruthless Mastery 6 (BROLYMANIA)
Black Devious Mastery (6 Android 13, 1 Android 20, 2 Broly, 1 Cell, 5 Cooler, 1 Dr. Wheelo, 3 Krillin, 1 Master Roshi)

Blue Protective Mastery 6 (1 Captain Ginyu, 3 Yamcha, 2 Cooler)

Blue Tag Team Mastery 2 (Gohan – To The Rescue)

Orange Adaptive Mastery 3 (1 Android 20, 1 Yamcha, 1 Goku)

Orange Adept 2 (1 Yamcha, 1 Broly)

Namekian Knowledge Mastery  5 (4 Piccolo , 1 Gohan)

Namekian Restored Mastery 4 (Gohan)


Your undefeated players going into round 5 are:

Jarrett McBride – Red Enraged Cooler

Justin McBride – Black Devious Cooler

Brian Peterson – Red Enraged Cooler

Samuel Cahill – Namekian Knowledge Mastery

Trevor Morris – Black Devious Android 13

There are many decks floating around though……Restored Gohan, Orange Android 20, and Blue Protective Yamcha still have a lot to say today. Stay tuned for more updates!
Please tune into The Stream to watch the action as commentated Random Number Gaming! Please check out the blog for further updates throughout the day!!


2016 NH Regional – Live Updates

The anticipated New Hampshire Regional has begun! 99 eager Z-Warriors have made the trek to the northeast to compete for their share of Worlds invites and prizes! Even the Champ has come out to celebrate the recent Awakening reveal!

Check out the twitch stream here courtesy of Random Number Gaming. Up first we have Eric Melone (earning invites to worlds in multiple OP seasons) piloting Enraged Nail against a Perceptive Wheelo! Stay tuned for more updates and an MP/Mastery Breakdown!


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