Friday Tidbits: Panini Games Blog Coming Soon!

Click below to see the upcoming schedule for the new Panini Games blog!

1) Panini Games  

Starting with the next post on Friday, June 2nd, will become – the official blog for everything from Panini Games! The blog format will also revert to updating twice a week, with new posts every Tuesday and Friday.

2) MetaX…Soon!

We’ll kick off the new blog with an introduction to the MetaX game engine. After that, check back for posts containing an in depth look at various strategies and tactics. Then, you can expect uploads of the Demo Deck and Rulebook – followed by previews beginning in mid-June!

3) Continued DBZ Support 

DBZ TCG tournament kits will remain available while supplies last – contact for more info. The final DBZ TCG CRD will be posted to the Panini Games blog on Friday, June 30th.

4) Justice League Teasers

The first release for MetaX, “Justice League,” will feature heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe. As previously noted, the set includes premium Cross Rare (“XR”) and Ultra Rare (“UR”) cards:

  • Superman – Last Son of Krypton (UR)
  • Batman – The Caped Crusader (UR)
  • Wonder Woman – [REDACTED] (XR)
  • Darkseid – [REDACTED] (XR)
  • The Joker – [REDACTED] (XR)
  • Harley Quinn – [REDACTED] (XR)

Each of these Characters also has a different version at a lower rarity, such as  Superman – Man of Steel and Batman – Dark Knight (Uncommon). In the case of Batman, Superman, and Harley Quinn, you’ll also be able to find alternate-art variants in Starter Decks!

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